January 2015 L&E Update from Baker Donelson

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Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC
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Jennifer L. Anderson, Kathlyn Perez, Phyllis G. Cancienne, Robert C. Divine
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Legal Update

On the day of President Obama's "State of the Union" address, our first issue of the year brings you Obama's proposal on cybersecurity in the workplace, plus a reminder from the NLRB about protected pay gripes. Learn about the DOL's expected challenge to caregiver wage regulations, and get the latest tips on medical marijuana use in the workplace.

Cybersecurity in the Workplace: Obama's Proposals and More, by Zachary Busey

Recent breaches in the computer systems of major companies have brought the importance of heightened cybersecurity front and center. Even President Obama is getting involved with a proposal to encourage information sharing to speed up breach incident investigations.  More...

NLRB Says Individual Gripes about Wages are "Inherently Concerted" Activity, by Kathryn Hinton

Many employers consider it appropriate to discourage employees from discussing compensation with their coworkers and may not think twice before disciplining employees for sharing salary information. Surprising to most employers, this type of restriction is not allowed by the NLRB.  More...

DOL Expected to Challenge Decision to Vacate Proposed Caregiver Wage Regulations, by Whitney Harmon

On January 14, 2015, a U.S. District Court Judge in D.C. issued an opinion and order vacating a U.S. Department of Labor regulation that eliminates the exemption from minimum wage and overtime payments for most "companionship" workers. The decision turns on the definition of "companionship services."  More...

Light Up or Leave Me Alone: Medical Marijuana is an Ongoing Challenge for Employers, by Russell Buchanan

Determining how to treat employees who test positive for marijuana use and then claim it is due to medical use will continue to pose problems for employers, even in states that have legalized such use.   More...

Immigration Corner, by Melanie Walker

This month: Scams Abound, Getting Acquainted with the Business Visitor, and CBP Eases Your Next U.S. Entry.   More...

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