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Free Movement of People: The African Continental Free Trade Area

The agreement establishing the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) entered into force on 30 May 2019 with the free trade area having commenced on 1 January 2021. In this webinar we will analyze how each jurisdiction is preparing itself to the challenges imposed by the AfCFTA and how each country will look into and implement the free movement of people as the implication of the agreement in the labor market. Register today!

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Challenging Health and Safety Issues in a Unionized Environment

Our legal team will address what employers can do to keep pace with rapid changes in health and safety when bargaining and administering labor agreements in an organized workplace. Register today!

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Legal Implications of Hiring and Managing Remote Workers in Asia Pacific

Are you an employer of remote workers in Asia Pacific? This webinar was designed for you! The pandemic has taught us that remote work is feasible, but when it crosses borders it raises an array of legal issues and challenges for employers. Join our employment law specialists from Asia Pacific for practical advice on navigating this new world of remote workforces. Register today!