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Posting Employees in EU

According to Eurostat data, 3.8% of EU citizens (17 million people along with 1.4 million commuters) resided or worked in Member States other than those of which they are citizens at the end of 2017. The free movement of workers within EU afforded by the Posted Workers Directive can be challenging to human resource executives and talent management professionals who are tasked with managing human capital and building business in a competitive marketplace. In this webinar we will examine the employment laws to consider when sending workers to another Member State in accordance with the protections set forth by the Posting of Workers Directive. Join us to learn about rules, constraints, employee entitlements, and employer obligations when posting employees to another Member State.

Navigating Executive Leadership Transitions: A North American Perspective

Since the global economic crisis of 2008, the business world has continued to see unprecedented change and disruption. Companies often must navigate compressed business cycles, shift business strategy and reposition executive leadership and talent to align with a new business model. Transition of top leadership brings numerous complexities that can affect business continuity, alter personal lives and impact the overall business brand. In this webinar, we will explore the complexities that can occur when transitioning or exiting executive leadership as a panel of experts review: - Current Trends in Executive Severance Agreements, Offer Letters and Employment Agreements - Best Practices in Executive Career Transitions - Executive Outplacement Services Register today!

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Marijuana Discussion with Canada, US and Mexico

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August 08, 2019

Top Employer-related Brexit Queries

Here are the top five issues that Irish employers will face after Brexit...

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