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Employee Mobility & Family Migration: What HR Executives Need to Know

As the demand for talent increases, employers are finding that having a global workforce is important to their overall strategy. More than ever, corporations are looking beyond their borders to build their organization with skilled employees. In this interactive webinar, experienced lawyers from Latin America will provide a deeper analysis into immigration and what HR executives need to know when hiring international employees. The second in a series on immigration, this webinar highlights topics such as short-term and long-term work assignments, employee and family migration, how to verify entry requirements and more!

Protection of Trade Secrets

Join us for a proactive discussion as we identify effective measures and remedies to enforce trade secrets. Learn how to protect company interests through confidentiality clauses, restrictive covenants and more! Register today and discover the answers to your most pressing questions in this interactive webinar.

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Marijuana Discussion with Canada, US and Mexico

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