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The Future of the Professions in the Age of COVID-19

In this talk, Dr Daniel Susskind explores the future of the professions in the age of COVID-19. Drawing on his best-selling books, The Future of the Professions (OUP, 2015) and A World Without Work (Allen Lane, 2020), he explores the relationship between the current crisis and the challenge of automation, sets out the five stages that the professions are likely to go through in recovering from COVID-19, and provides advice on how to think about and prepare for the future of work that lies ahead.

The Future of the Professions in the Age of COVID-19

The Narcissistic Executive

Transformational leaders challenge the status quo, provide a vision of a promising future, and motivate and inspire their followers to join in the pursuit of a better world. But many of these leaders also fit the American Psychiatric Association classification for Narcissistic Personality Disorder. They are grandiose, entitled, self-confident, risk seeking, manipulative, and hostile. In this session, Professor Chatman reviews what we know about why we are often susceptible to (mis)perceiving nar

The Narcissistic Executive
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Episode 185: Advice for French Employers During the Pandemic

From Employment Matters - Europe: In the very first episode of our Employment Matters - Europe channel, we discuss the status of the pandemic in France, furloughs, redundancies and employment terminations. Subscribe to our podcast today to stay up to date on employment issues from law experts worldwide. Speakers: Michaela Felisiak (Beiten Burkhardt / Germany) & Philippe Durand (August Debouzy Avocats / France)

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