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New Forms of Employment in Europe

Companies like Uber have changed the employment landscape for many. With a demand for increased flexibility and advanced technology, society has given rise to new forms of employment across Europe. Employers and HR Executives are tasked with characterizing workers with unconventional work patterns and re-defining the relationship between employer and employee. In this webinar, join experts from Germany, France, Luxembourg and Ireland to discuss new trends in AI management, changes in employment classification, global contracts and more. Register today and discover the answers to your most pressing questions in this interactive webinar.

Europe: Fraud Investigations and Whistleblowing in the Workplace

Corruption and fraud in the workplace often goes unchallenged when people do not speak about it. Speaking against it can carry high personal risk including work loss, humiliation, and legal consequences. Yet, whistleblowers are invaluable in protecting human rights and saving others against harm, mismanagement and abuse. In this European webinar...

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Marijuana Discussion with Canada, US and Mexico

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