The ELA Difference

Many law firms market themselves as “national” or “international,” claiming multiple branch offices – but their “local” outpost may be thousands of miles or even several countries away from where help is actually needed. And does that particular branch have labor and employment lawyers with a breadth and depth of experience? The Employment Law Alliance does.

Local Lawyers Internationally

Our lawyers are located exactly where your legal matter arises. They know the local judges and court systems and, perhaps most importantly, they know how the law is interpreted. Why hire a lawyer in Atlanta to defend you in a lawsuit in Austin? Why have a Hong Kong lawyer provide advice on a legal matter in Singapore? What you need is the right local lawyer who will handle your matter properly and cost-effectively.

Round-the-Clock Coverage

Because ELA lawyers span the globe, there truly is coverage 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether you need assistance in the middle of the night or you just need to move quickly on an international labor problem, our lawyers can handle your concerns on one side of the world while you sleep on the other.


ELA lawyers are second to none. While multi-branch law firms may claim expertise in each office and consistent quality throughout the firm, sophisticated clients know this isn’t always the case. Our lawyers are invited to become ELA members only after a rigorous due-diligence process – including consultation with experienced in-house counsel, judges, government officials and industry leaders in each and every jurisdiction.

Shared Value for Client Service

Why turn to the ELA instead of using a single, multi-office law firm? Because all of our members are screened carefully and evaluated regularly to ensure they provide the best possible service and advice within the timeframe you need. We pride ourselves on not “over-lawyering” – or over-charging. Where a “yes” or “no” answer will suffice, that is what you’ll get. When more extensive advice is involved, we provide it – on time and on budget.

The ELA Difference

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