"Employee Data Privacy in Asia" Publication

Submitted by:
ELA Staff

This publication is based on a 2015 webinar presented by a representative group of the Asia/Pacific members of the Employment Law Alliance focusing on “When Employees Leave: What Employers in Asia/Pacific Need to Know about Protecting Company Rights and Confidential Information.” It briefly describes how the issues of non-competition and protection of confidential and proprietary information are handled in 16 jurisdictions across Asia and the Pacific, and the steps companies can take to protect their interests when employees leave.

The three key issues addressed during the webinar – and again by the participating jurisdictions in this publication – are:

  • Is it possible to prevent employees from competing? If there is a post-termination non-compete, what are the remedies? Are injunctions available?
  • What remedies are possible for a breach of a confidentiality obligation and IP rights?
  • What are the considerations if the breach involves cross-border?

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