Union Establishment and Labor Unrest: What Every Employer Doing Business in China Needs to Know - Asia Session

Date(s) of Presentation
December 9, 2010

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China has seen an upturn in strikes and labor unrest in 2010. The government has announced policies encouraging wage increases and collective bargaining. In addition, local governments are pushing ahead with plans to give employees and unions the right to be involved in the "democratic management" of companies. Tentative steps have even been made to legalize strikes. What does all this mean for employers doing business in China? The speakers will explain, focusing specifically on:

  • How Chinese unions are structured and what powers and rights they have
  • Whether a company can oppose unionization of its work force
  • How to cope with strikes
  • A review of the latest developments in collective bargaining
  • How collective bargaining in China works

Speakers include:

  • Stephen J. Hirschfeld, Moderator, CEO of the Employment Law Alliance; Partner, Curiale, Hirschfeld, Kraemer LLP, San Francisco, CA
  • Dongpeng Wang, Partner, Jun He Law Offices, Beijing, China
  •  Jeffrey Wilson, Counsel, Jun He Law Offices, Shanghai, China