The Implications of Brexit: What Does It Mean for Businesses in the UK and across the EU?


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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

4:00pm–5:15pm CEST
10:00am–1:15pm EDT
9:00am–10:15am CDT
8:00am–9:15am MDT
7:00am–8:15am PDT

Program Description

It's nearly a year since the UK voted to leave the EU, and in March 2017 the UK formally triggered a 2 year exit negotiation under Article 50 of the EU Lisbon Treaty.  The negotiations will no doubt be difficult and we do not yet know what (if any) "deal" will be done.  However, we can expect substantial changes to the UK's relationship with the EU and the employment landscape; in particular, the UK has said there will be changes to the rights of EU citizens to live and work in the UK (and the rights of UK citizens to live and work across the EU) and the UK will have the freedom to determine its own laws (including employment laws) without answering to the European Court of Justice.  These changes will have a direct impact on businesses operating both in the UK and the wider EU.

Experienced legal counsel from the UK, France, Switzerland, Ireland and Belgium will provide practical insight on what Brexit may mean and how companies can prepare for the changes:

  • What happens to EU citizens already working in the UK and UK citizens already working across the EU?
  • What happens in future if an employer in the UK wants to hire an EU citizen (and vice versa)?
  • Will the UK take the opportunity to reform its employment laws once it is free of EU law?
  • How will the UK's only land border with the EU (between Northern Ireland and Ireland) be handled?
  • What can we learn from Switzerland's experience (as a non member of the EU)?
  • Which industries might be most impacted (e.g. financial services) and will international businesses relocate from the UK to another EU member state?


Richard Yeomans
Addleshaw Goddard
United Kingdom

Ailbhe Dennehy
A&L Goodbody

Philippe Durand
August & Debouzy Avocats

Jan Hofkens

Vibeke Jaggi