Sexual Misconduct Investigations for U.S. Colleges and Universities: What Attorneys around the World Need to Know

Date(s) of Presentation
Session I -- Wednesday, January 14, 2015: 3:00-4:00 a.m. GMT; Session II -- Wednesday, January 14, 2015: 3:00-4:00 p.m. GMT

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Webinar Times:

  • Session I:  3:00-4:00 a.m. GMT
  • Session II: 3:00-4:00 p.m. GMT 

Both webinars will cover the same information.  Select the session that best fits your schedule.

Program Description:

U.S.-based colleges and universities operate educational programs all over the world. In recent years, such institutions have come under increased scrutiny regarding how they investigate and respond to sexual assault and other gender-based misconduct such as dating violence and stalking. The U.S. government will likely require that investigations of sexual misconduct that occur outside the U.S. be investigated with the same level of expertise that is expected in the U.S.

This is where the Employment Law Alliance comes in.

U.S. institutions will need to tap the investigative expertise of ELA attorneys to conduct investigations, but need to have the confidence that ELA attorneys have a sufficient grounding in the nature of sexual misconduct, dating violence and stalking and the expectations imposed on U.S. institutions in the context of these investigations. If they do, the ELA could provide a unique and extremely valuable service to thousands of U.S.-based colleges and universities.

This free program for ELA members will provide an overview of the following issues:

  • Applicable laws and regulations, including Title IX and VAWA;
  • Requirements pertaining to investigations under Title IX and VAWA; and
  • An introduction to trauma-informed investigation techniques.

For those who attend this initial program and wish to pursue this opportunity, we will be offering a second, in-depth training that covers how to investigate these issues in-depth. The initial program is intended to provide an overview of this area of the law.


  • Natasha Baker, Hirschfeld Kraemer, San Francisco, CA
  • Jeff Nolan, Dinse, Knapp & McAndrew, Burlington, VT