Managing Employer Risk through Effective Performance Management

Date(s) of Presentation
Thursday, June 9, 2016

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Program Description

More than ever, employers need to implement effective performance management in their workplace and provide managers with the necessary skills to resolve employee conflict, provide feedback, build teams, communicate effectively, and keep their cool in tough situations. Failure to engage in such a process can put employers at risk for such issues as litigation for harassment and workplace violence and bullying.

Employers must provide managers the support they need to develop the skills to effectively manage the performance of their employees and direct reports and HR managers must support managers by helping them understand the different phases of performance management.

Offered in partnership with CCA Inc., this webinar will provide employers with practical information and best practices regarding effective performance management, including:

  • The key issues every manager should know about effective performance management
  • The role of HR managers
  • Steps managers can take to recognize and address signs of employee distress
  • The consequences of failing to “performance manage” individuals
  • Preventive measures and key take-aways


  • Ginger Schroder,  Moderator, Schröder, Joseph & Associates, Buffalo, NY
  • Manendra K. Bhurgra, Manager, Learning and Development, CCA Inc., New York, NY
  • John A. Levy, President, CCA Inc., New York, NY