Latest Developments in Human Rights in Canada: A Coast-to-Coast Overview

Date(s) of Presentation
Thursday, November 10, 2011

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Program Description

Human rights issues are among the most prominent and complex workplace challenges for employers in Canada.  Complicating this even more is that the law continuously changes – often in significant ways.  While there are many similarities across the provinces and territories, there also are important differences in how the laws are interpreted and applied.  Presented by ELA members with clients in all Canadian provinces, this webinar will provide a cross-country overview of the most important developments in human rights in the Canadian workplace.  Speakers will offer insight into such key topics as: 

  • The merits of using a human rights commission to mediate and resolve complaints
  • Mandatory retirement issues
  • Accommodation issues, including:
    • Privacy of medical information
    • Religious accommodation
    • Mobility issues (e.g., airline no-fly lists)
    • Workplace-related injuries, including stress-related issues
    • Non-workplace injuries, including mental and physical disabilities
  •  Family status and its impact on the Canadian workplace


  • Stephen J. Hirschfeld, Moderator, Partner, Curiale Hirschfeld, Kraemer LLP, San Francisco, CA
  • Nancy Barteaux, Partner, Ritch Durnford, Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Michel Gélinas, Partner, Lavery de Billy, Montreal, Quebec
  • Teresa R. Haykowsky, Partner, McLennan Ross, LLP, Edmonton, Alberta 
  • Gregory J. Heywood, Partner, Roper Greyell, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Erin Kuzz, Partner, Sherrard Kuzz, Toronto, Ontario
  • Grant Mitchell, Partner, Taylor McCaffrey LLP, Winnipeg, Manitoba