Employee Labour Relations in Canada: A Legal Update for Employers

Date(s) of Presentation
Wednesday, May 20, 2015

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Program Description

There have been a number of changes recently in both federal and provincial law in the area of employee labour relations that impact all employers, including multijurisdictional Canadian employers. The Supreme Court of Canada's decision on the constitutional right to strike, the advent of secret ballot votes as opposed to card count under the federal jurisdiction and changes to criteria for exclusions from the bargaining unit in Saskatchewan are just a few examples. For employers headquartered outside Canada, a map to navigate the complex waters of communications during organizing and negotiations, and certification issues in differing Canadian jurisdictions is essential. This webinar brings together management labour lawyers from across Canada – and one from the U.S. to provide comparisons between the two countries – who will provide guidance on:

  • The certification and decertification processes
  • What is considered “permissible communications”
  • Key issues for consideration in the right to strike
  • Overview of exclusions from the bargaining unit and what constitutes good faith bargaining


  • Gregory J. Heywood Moderator, Roper Greyell, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Daniel Bokenfohr, McLennan Ross, Edmonton, Alberta
  • Amy Bradbury, Barteaux Durnford, Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Sundeep Gokhale, Sherrard Kuzz, Toronto, Ontario
  • Cynthia Lazar, Taylor McCaffrey, Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Ginger D. Schroder, Schroder, Joseph & Associates, Buffalo, NY
  • David M. A. Stack, McKercher, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan