China Labor and Employment Law Update

Date(s) of Presentation
Thursday, June 5, 2014

Note:  The webinar was offered in Chinese only.  

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Webinar Description:

There have been a number of changes in Chinese labor and employment laws recently that affect employers of all types and sizes. This webinar, presented by attorneys at Jun He based in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou will address these latest developments and trends, including:

  • New labor dispatch regulations and market practices on outsourcing
  • Recent strikes, applicable regulations, and local practices on handling labor disturbances
  • Recent changes in social insurance requirements and effects on employers


  • 介绍《劳务派遣暂行规定》以及有关外包的实践操作
  • 近期罢工事件,有关罢工的相关法律规定以及处理罢工事件的地方性操作
  • 浅谈近期社会保险相关法规的更新, 以及对用人单位的影响


  • Bu Yimu, moderator, Jun He, Shanghai, PRC
  • Bai Hongjuan, Jun He, Beijing, PRC
  • Fu Jun, Jun He, Guangzhou, PRC
  • Zhang Hongyan, Jun He, Shanghai, PRC