The ELA is proud to welcome our newest member firm: LOGOS  in Iceland!
The ELA is proud to welcome our newest member firm: LOGOS  in Iceland!

Demarest Advogados is one of the leading law firms in Brazil and one of the largest in Latin America. Our full-service law firm comprises more than 300 lawyers and several offices throughout Brazil and one in New York. With a strategic approach and in-depth knowledge of Brazilian labor laws, we assist our clients with their employment relationships, seeking to mitigate risks. We support our clients from the commencement of their activities, drafting employment contracts and internal policies, on registrations with unions, and, most importantly, providing them with a clear perspective of the complex Brazilian labor legislative and regulatory environment. We guide our clients towards making safe decisions, clarifying the risks and advantages of each available alternative, and offering assertive recommendations.


We have specific experience regarding Brazilian employment and immigration law, which enables our team to assist our clients during negotiations with unions with reliable counseling on permanent and temporary visas and residence/work permits for foreign individuals and on the understanding of the limits of the law, helping them establish a clear strategy concerning essential matters to their organization. We also have extensive experience dealing with unions and employers’ associations and in the drafting of collective agreements that protect our clients’ long-term interests. When conflicts do arise, we count on the expertise of our labor litigation team, which is well-regarded in the market for its excellent service and highly qualified to assist clients throughout the entire proceeding.


Demarest provides advisory services on talent mobility matters, the hiring of foreign professionals, and the expatriation of Brazilian employees. We design policies and fixed and variable compensation plans (Profit Sharing Plan - PLR), modeling and reviewing health care and pension plans, in order to make them compliant with the current regulations in force and with cost adjustments. We also assist with compliance matters and investigations of fraud, focusing on the prevention of risks in labor relations.

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