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BLP was founded in March of 2003 in Costa Rica by a group of lawyers who shared the same view that legal advisors should become true business partners of their clients by providing superior legal advice with an understanding of business; thus our name: Business Law Partners.

We understand that our clients need not only the best possible legal advice, but also extreme efficiency. BLP defines efficient service as that which is provided with world-class quality in a timely and cost-conscious manner, and is open to - and flexible in - negotiating personalized fee arrangements with its clients. Thanks to this innovative vision, BLP’s client portfolio includes some of the world’s most distinguished multinational firms, who have retained BLP’s services for their full range of legal needs and transactions.

Our excellent international reputation has led the embassies of some of the world’s largest economies to refer their citizens to BLP for their legal needs.

The firm’s international capabilities extend worldwide, as BLP has a global network of law firm contacts. This is the result of many years of working with preeminent lawyers in every country. We also continue to expand our international contacts through exclusive legal networks in which BLP actively participates: Meritas and the State Capital Law Firm Group.

BLP has extended its presence in the central american region opening offices in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. 

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