Miranda Alliance


Nuno Gouveia is a Partner at Sociedade de Advogados, the Portugal firm for the Miranda Alliance. He is a graduate of the Lisbon Lusíada University Law School (2000). Admitted in 2002. Joined the Firm in 2004.

Nuno has a post-graduation in Business Law from the Lisbon Lusíada University (2003). He wrote “Secondment of Employees within Affiliate Companies” (Revista Minerva, no. 2, 2003).

Nuno was formerly an associate with Barrocas e Alves Pereira, specializing in employment law and life sciences law. In 2003, he was invited to teach law in a training program for local council police agents organized by the Local Council Studies Institute.

Nuno's practice focuses on employment law and litigation.

Nuno is fluent in English.

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