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Ibrachy & Dermarkar (I&D), established in 1932, seeks to grow continuously while maintaining a uniform level of excellence in the service that it provides. It sees Egyptian practice as linked to international economic realities, and recognizes the desire of international investors for specialist expertise.

Accordingly, the firm has established focused working groups in a number of fields, including corporate, banking and intellectual property. I&D attorneys have developed expertise in a variety of areas of law, including commercial law, intellectual property, labor and employment law, banking and finance, corporate laws, capital market law, construction law, and insurance/reinsurance laws, to name a few. Today, I&D is one of the leading law firms in Egypt and advises a variety of prominent Egyptian and international clientele in relation to a broad range of Egyptian law and practice.

I&D is committed to state-of-the-art communication and information processing technology as part of its philosophy of efficiency and cost-effective delivery of services. The firm's local area network allows attorneys and staff to share resources, research libraries, legal databases as well as other support tools. The firm's network also facilitates internal and outside communication to streamline attorney-client communications.

I&D Mission Statement:
I&D commits itself to provide all its clients with professional service consistently responsive to each particular client's needs, and which takes as its agenda the enduring wish of its clients for high quality service, a service that is worth what is paid for it.

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