How We Work

While the ELA is comprised of separate law firms, our members have established strong personal relationships with their colleagues around the world – which means you are assured of getting a single, seamless legal resource that is truly integrated and working in your best interest.

Single Point of Contact

For multi-state or multi-national clients, ELA provides a relationship manager who will assemble a team of experts in each jurisdiction in which you do business; coordinate efforts across the team to ensure continuity, consistency, quality and responsiveness; and serve as the primary contact for questions or concerns about service and billing.

Consolidated Billing at Local Firm Rates

Want a single, consolidated bill? We can easily do that. And unlike multi-office law firms, whose high rates often support their costly global infrastructure, ELA clients are charged local, hourly rates by regional firms. Why pay Miami rates for work performed in Puerto Rico when a local San Juan ELA lawyer can provide more effective and efficient service?

If you have an RFP, we are ready to respond – whether it is a multi-state or a multi-national project. Want to ensure your employee handbook is compliant with the laws of 47 countries? Want to make certain your compensation and pay practices are in accordance with the laws of all 50 U.S. states? Want a team of lawyers to quickly respond to local employment law issues around the world as the need arises? The ELA has a proven track record of providing the highest quality service to some of the world’s most sophisticated companies.

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How We Work

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