Elieser Corte Real (born 1979), Partner. Graduate of the Lisbon Law School of the Independente University (2004). Joined the office in 2006. Admitted in the Angolan and Portuguese Bar Associations in 2007.

Following his studies, Elieser started his practice as a trainee at the Lisbon office of law firm Miranda Correia Amendoeira & Associados. In 2007 he returned to Angola and joined Fátima Freitas Advogados.

His practice is focused on litigation, arbitration and labor law, areas in which he is recognized for his knowledge and experience. For example, Elieser represented oil companies and service providers to the oil & gas industry in a large number of lawsuits, in a wide range of matters, including civil, commercial, labour, tax, customs and administrative issues; and represented a wide range of foreign companies, including banks and insurance, construction, mining, distribution and transportation (air and maritime) companies in several labour, civil, commercial, administrative and tax lawsuits.

He has also been advising on matters relating to termination of employment contracts and any compensations to be paid to employees, benefits to be provided to employees, collective bargaining agreements, job qualifiers, internal regulations, strikes and disciplinary proceedings; assisting several companies in the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements with the unions; advising, within the context of internal restructuring, local and international companies in implementing redundancy programs with elimination of work places;

He is a regular contributor to a number of newspapers and legal bulletins, having published several articles in Angolan publications. He has also participated in several conferences on labor related matters, including the 1st International Congress of Labor Law in Angola.

Elieser is fluent in English.

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