The ELA is proud to welcome our newest member firm in Vietnam: Le & Tran
The ELA is proud to welcome our newest member firm in Vietnam: Le & Tran
Adail Cardoso

Adail Cardoso
Angola Employment Lawyer

Managing Associate


• Professional practice in the areas of Labor Law, Civil Law and Litigation in General;
• Legal advice on matters related to termination of employment contracts and possible compensation / indemnity to employees, benefits to be granted to employees, collective labor agreements, job qualifiers, internal regulations, strikes and disciplinary procedures;
• Advising companies in negotiating of collective regulation instruments with unions;
• Advice on internal restructuring processes that implied the reduction of the respective staff, through collective dismissal processes;
• Preparation of written pleadings, namely, initial petitions, statement of defense, replies, rejoinders, injunctions, various applications and appeals;
• Participation in judicial proceedings of all kinds, inherent to the status of Lawyer;
• Participation in extrajudicial debt collection cases, having for this purpose prepared several letters of debt collection and negotiated the payment of debts with debtors;
• Assistance to a foreign client regarding labor issues, namely employer legal obligations and employees’ rights and duties, during the project for the restructuring of Customs National Directorate;
• Representing oil companies and service providers to the oil & gas industry in a large number of lawsuits, in a wide range of matters, including labor, civil, commercial, criminal, customs and administrative issues
• Representing a wide range of foreign companies, including banks and insurance, construction, mining, distribution and transportation (air and maritime) companies in several labor, civil, commercial, criminal and administrative lawsuits.

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