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The ELA is proud to welcome our newest member firm: LOGOS  in Iceland!


New sanitary measures taken by Chilean government for travelers that enter from abroad

By: Francisca Corti

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Oscar Aitken
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Legal Update

Given the detection of the first case in Chile of the new Covid-19 variant, on December 30th, 2020 the Exempt Resolution No.1,147 of the Ministry of Health was published in the Official Gazette, establishing the following sanitary measures from December 31st, 2020:

  • Any individual who enters national territory, regardless of the place of origin, must complete a mandatory 10-day quarantine upon his/her arrival to Chile or until he/she leaves the country, if the stay is shorter than such term.

    Those travelers who have as final destination a region different than the one of entry into Chile will be able to continue their trip, during the first 24 hours after entering the country.

  • The measure of quarantine indicated in number 1 above can be ended earlier in case of a negative PCR test for Covid-19, that has been taken after 144 hours (6 days) from their arrival to Chile.

    For this purpose, the person may leave only once the place of quarantine, exclusively to take such test.

    The non-applicability of this exemption continues for those who enter the country after being in the United Kingdom during the prior 14 days.

  • Notwithstanding the latter, individuals could be exempted of the quarantine measure indicated in number 1 above, among others: (i) those who enter national territory due to the freight of load from and into Chile; (ii) those who enter the country with the sole purpose of continuing in transit to a foreign country; and (iii) those who hold a diplomatic or official visa issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile.

    Along with the last exemptions, Chileans and foreigners regularly residing in the country, who are crew of vessels or aircrafts that enter national land, may end their quarantine at any moment in case of a negative PCR test for Covid-19 that has been taken in Chile, in a moment after their last entry to the country.

Additionally, on December 29th, 2020 Exempt Resolution No.1,117 of the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications was published in the Official Gazette, which suspended all direct commercial passengers’ flights between the United Kingdom and Chile, in force from the 00.00 hours of December 22nd, 2020 and for a term of 2 weeks.