Anticipating the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA)

Date(s) of Presentation
November 18, 2008

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Enactment of the Employee Free Choice Act ("EFCA"), which will result in a new paradigm for union organizing and collective bargaining, is certain to be at the top of the legislative agenda for President-Elect Obama. The information presented during both webinars reviewed how the new paradigm will work, how unions may approach negotiations for that all-important first contract, and why interest arbitration for a first contract will make the practical and legal landscape unrecognizable.

Speakers focused on:

  • The EFCA's expected provisions
  • The changes the EFCA is anticipated to have on current law
  • The impact that similar legislation has had in Canada
  • Why non-union companies need to prepare now
  • Actions employers should consider taking in anticipation of the new law.

Offered twice to accommodate as many registrants as possible, both sessions (East Coast and West Coast) focused on identical issues (legislative history and present status, card-based recognition, initial contracts, remedies, what will stay the same, lessons learned from similar legislation in Ontario, preventing card signing, preparing for bargaining unit issues, no-solicitation and other work rules); however, different speakers may have highlighted different points within these areas. Website users are welcome to listen to both sessions or just one.

The MS PowerPoint link below contains the text of the Employee Free Choice Act, along with the bios of participating conference speakers..