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Snelling takes part in Vancouver conference

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Canterbury Law Ltd.
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Juliana Snelling
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Press Release

Lawyer Juliana Snelling took part in the 13th international conference of the Employment Law Alliance (ELA) in Vancouver.

Ms Snelling, director and barrister with Canterbury Law, participated in the conference on September 21 and 22.

“The ELA is the world’s most comprehensive and prestigious network of leading employment lawyers in more than 110 countries and 300 cities across the globe and Canterbury Law is the exclusive selected Bermuda representative of the ELA,” a statement from the firm said.

“At the conference Ms Snelling served as co-chair on the panel for the North America and Caribbean Regional Group discussing cutting edge employment law trends across the globe.

“She also helped chair the panel discussion on the subject of non-competes, trade secrets and employee mobility in the insurance/offshore finance industries, subjects that often feature in her Bermuda employment practice.“

Clients of ELA firms also participated in the discussions including such major corporations as Air Canada, Siemens and Target Stores.

“The ELA is a great resource for my employer/employee clients facing a variety of complex issues in a multinational setting as I have the ready resource of top employment lawyers around the world who stand ready to assist me in advising my clients on their laws that may well impact on their rights and obligations,” Ms Snelling said.