Buse Heberer Fromm - Newsletter Employment Law 4th quarter 2014

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Buse Heberer Fromm
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Jan Tibor Lelley
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Legal Update

Articles in Buse Heberer Fromm's 4th quarter newsletter include:

Equipment provided to the works council

No entitlement to a separate telephone and internet connection (Higher Labour Court (LAG) Lower Saxony, Court Order of 2014-07-30 – 16 TaBV 92/13).  read

Rights of persons with severe disabilities

Clear indication of severe disability also required for subsequent applications (Federal Labour Court (BAG), Judgement of 2014-09-18 – 8 AZR 759/13). read

Co-determination by the works council

Events solely for information purposes not subject co-determination (Federal Labour Court (BAG), Court Order of 2014-04-15 – 1 ABR 85/12. read

Conciliation Board

"First-come, first-served" principle in relation to the chair of the conciliation board (Higher Labour Court (LAG) Düsseldorf, Court Order of 2014-08-25 – 9 TaBV 39/14). read

Holiday entitlement

Damages for holidays not granted and which have lapsed (Higher Labour Court (LAG) Berlin-Brandenburg, Judgement of 2014-06-12 – 21 Sa 221/14). read

Contract law

Exclusion of leave pay after notice of termination is permissible (Federal Labour Court (BAG), Judgement of 2014-07-22 – 9 AZR 981/12). read