Buse Heberer Fromm - Newsletter Employment Law 3rd quarter 2016

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Buse Heberer Fromm
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Jan Tibor Lelley
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Legal Update

Minimum Wage

Taking into account special payments (Federal Labour Court (BAG), decision of 2016-05-25 – 5 AZR 135/16. read

Time-limited contracts in professional football

The special nature of professional football justifies the practice of time-limiting employment relationships (Higher Labour Court (LAG) of Rhineland-Palatinate, decision of 2016-02-17 – 4 Sa 202/15).  read

Notification of mass dismissal – consultation procedure

Remedying incorrect notification of the works council (Federal Labour Court (BAG), decision of 2016-06-09 – 6 AZR 405/15).  read

Social compensation plan

Transfer company: a compellable social compensation plan benefit? (Higher Labour Court (LAG) of Berlin-Brandenburg, court order of 2016-03-01 – 9 TaBV 1519/15).  read

Industrial constitution law

Sign-in/out obligations of released members of the works council (Federal Labour Court (BAG), court order of 2016-02-24 – 7 ABR 20/14).  read

Company pension for everyone

Even minimally-employed employees are entitled to pension scheme access (Higher Labour Court (LAG) of Munich, decision of 2016-01-13 – 10 Sa 544/15).  read