Buse Heberer Fromm - Newsletter Employment Law 2nd quarter 2016

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Buse Heberer Fromm
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Jan Tibor Lelley

Extraordinary cancellation due to persistent refusal to work

A mistaken legal interpretation does not protect the employee (Federal Labor Court, decision dated October 22, 2015 – 2 AZR 569/14)  read

Time exclusion limits

Keeping time exclusion limits by filing a lawsuit (Federal Labor Court, decision dated March 16, 2016 – 4 AZR 421/15)  read

Systematic change regarding severance payment
under a social compensation plan

Payment of lump sum for disabled employees is inadmissible (Federal Labor Court, decision dated December 17, 2015 – 1 AZR 938/13) read

Election of the supervisory board members

Temporary workers who are eligible to vote can count for the election of their supervisory board members (Federal Labor Court, decision dated November 04, 2015 – 7 ABR 42/13)  read

Extraordinary dismissal due to internet use for private purpose

Employers are allowed to analyse browser history (Higher Labor Court of Berlin-Brandenburg, decision dated January 14, 2016 – 5 Sa 657/15)  read

Data protection in companies

Revoking the appointment as data protection officer (Labor Court Munich, decision dated May 12, 2015 – 23 Ga 52/15)  read