‘Best in Breed’ Approach to Employment Law

By: David Lee

Submitted by Firm:
Burness Paull
Firm Contacts:
Ronald Mackay
Article Type:
Legal Article

In an increasingly globalised economy, business challenges are rarely confined to a single jurisdiction - as we noted in the November 2014 issue of Hr NETWORK magazine. This is especially true of employment law, but how well-prepared are HR departments at companies with international operations for a major employment issue emerging in several different countries?

If such an eventuality does arise, the business in question needs certainty that its affairs will be handled seamlessly by first-class practitioners in each jurisdiction, not through a disparate range of intermediaries offering varying levels of service and different billing regimes.

Steve Hirschfeld, a legal pioneer from San Francisco, realised international firms might not have all the HR and employment law answers to these global challenges, especially in an age where purchasers of legal services are increasingly sophisticated and demanding.

The understanding of the need for a seamless, high quality, international service was the guiding principle behind Hirschfeld’s establishment of the Employment Law Alliance. It began with a basic question: ‘How can firms evolve with their clients, and continue to effectively and efficiently handle their needs across multiple jurisdictions while maintaining independence and stable, profitable organisational structures?’

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